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Authentic Jamaican Food & Catering In Miami, FL

Top Rated Black Owned Jamaican Food Truck In South Florida


Meet The Executive Chef

Troy Gallimore has over 27 years of culinary experience from all over the world. After completing his associate degree in the Culinary Arts at Heart Academic Culinary School, he got his start in the cruise line industry. For 10+ years he created dishes on a daily basis for 5,000+ passengers. He then ventured out and served as the executive chef for the Washington Redskin's football team. The Jamaican born culinarian now spends his days providing authentic Jamaican cuisine to his local community in the Miami area from the Ochio Island Grill & Catering Food Truck. 



Authentic Jamaican & American breakfast is available at Ochio Island Grill & Catering Sunday's from 9am-11am EST

Ochio Island Grill Pineapple Conch Salad


Authentic Jamaican and Spanish foods available Tuesday through Sunday at Ochio Island Grill & Catering

Ochio Island Grill Steak Dinner.png


Enjoy a quick dinner on the go at the Ochio Island Grill & Catering Food truck. Find your pick of Jamaican and American dishes.

Ochio Island Grill & Catering Food Truck

We Deliver!

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Beef Patty & Coco Bread

Conch Fritters 


Curry Goat

Brown Stew Chicken 

Jerk Chicken 

Jerk Pork

Grilled/Jerk Shrimp Salad

& more 

We Deliver
Ochio Island Grill & Catering Jerk Shrim

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